The end of Age of Decadence

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Decadence.  An artistic form, or a lifestyle. Maybe even philosophical trail, bound with the idea of man as the centre of the Universe. Life in decadence; Decadent Arts. To underline decadence, is to understand a sort of freedom in thinking. Not just artistic freedom (which I personally find a bit petty) but state freedom, political and economic freedom, which might be the demagogy of the Libertarian.

The essence of political decadence, as mentioned, would be freedom. So to speculate, we could assume the notion, that decadence is dying out.

Also we might require an example, so we can leave the speculative field. For instance, let us think about the 1920`s and 1930`s Berlin. Place of music, arts, culture in general and political change.  It was the hub of all these things and more. Individuals were blossoming and businesses as well. Radical thought was no longer labelled radical, but rather with the new term (that stuck) liberal. Everything that was pointing out of hard line Communism or Conservatism on the other hand, would have such a label. YOU LIBERAL! Of course the age brought disasters as well. The Great Depression not long after the First World War was a blow for freethinkers everywhere. These were targeted as the first and foremost responsible for what has happened and what was going on. So who were the finger-pointing moralists of that age? If we return to the Weimar Republic, I think we will immediately recognize the evil growing (the same as in the Soviet Union, just with "National" as its prefix).

It marked the end of individual freedom, in sense of: Let`s not be free, to be peaceful and prosperous. Freethinking, Liberalism or Libertarianism received labels immediately and all the supporters, gays, lesbians, Roma, mentally or physically disabled, minorities and lastly, the old tune, Jews, would be all run down and taken to camps or exterminated on point. A dark time of human history, although overcome, there are bits and pieces of this dark time agenda surviving. More state control, which meant and means regulation, state ran institutions, which outgrew their immediate purpose and subsequently, popular legitimacy. This is happening for a number of decades and is not fought by many; rather it is being taken and understood as a consensus and defended.

The most striking area of a sort of decay in Decadence, is Fine Arts. It is unbelievable how the Art Culture (individuals inside) have been going hand in hand with this decay. Do they not remember their 19th and early 20th century forefathers? Did they go and protest in front of a government building where the Ministry for Culture resides and demand a different use of tax-payer money?: ( &  It even seems that the “bourgeoisie decadence” is failing, as they require the state apparatus to give them buildings where they can perform, or credits to create Fine Art. The word Fine seems to be stipulating a different approach, but let others be the judge of this.

The growth of the state is being taken with consensus and it will hardly be stopped by any group or individual intelligence, as the comfort of the consensus and lack of contrarianism is making a sharp edge blunt and fine minds, dull.

Until it is too late, I bid you farewell, Artists.

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