Dear Roman Catholic Church of Slovakia

Autor: Erik Adamson | 26.7.2013 o 13:49 | (upravené 30.12.2013 o 1:46) Karma článku: 0,00 | Prečítané:  90x

I write this letter in troubling times and with a subject of the same nature. I am, myself an anti-theist, but in no means should my goals or work, be an attack on the rights and mostly, freedoms of the believers. Freedom of speech is the main principle of all democratic and free societies, but so is freedom of thought. This is why, I am writing you this open letter.

It has come to our (“public attention” which I, in anyway, do not represent) attention, that your high ranked officials have wrote a letter to the Foreign Secretary of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajcak, who is the director for Human Rights (and all its binding resolutions) for Slovakia, and you requested that a certain group of individuals, who do not uphold your beliefs or moral standards, are to be opted out of this important document, regarding Human Rights. I fully understand that the Roman Catholic Church upholds the values of the Family, where a man and a woman are in a union. This is all fine and these genders have the right to create, what old philosophers have called: the building block of the state / society. Although I admire the writings of Socrates, Aristotle and others, the times have moved on and as we do not consent on the slavery question anymore, we should also not consent on what have your officials requested and actually, I honestly believe that the requests should be mocked.

It is preposterous to request that the Gay, Lesbian and the Transsexual community should be left out of this document. This is not a question of marriage, or marital status, but Human Rights. Your high ranked officials, obviously do not understand what the Human Rights are?! Would a bishop strip all rights from this community; starting with Human Rights, citizenship and later they would also copy the Slovak State policies regarding the Jewish "question"?

I would like to ask you, on behalf of all LBGTI individuals, please stop mocking or refusing the freedoms you yourself have been granted by our society.

My other plea, would be a reaction to you disregard to gender equality. I honestly believe that half of the population of this planet is a good source, that could qualify for the ranks of Christianity. On the contrary, you insist on misogyny, homophobia and sheer ignorance. I was still ignoring most of your requests from the letter, but a disregard of gender equality?! Just does not make sense as a longterm goal.

With all respect

Yours truly


Erik Adamson

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